Shower trays

Shower trays


    Picking the Right Shower Tray:

    There are lots of shape/design/material options to choose from depending on your enclosure type/style, the material used is mainly an ABS acrylic capped stone reinforced which is very robust and rigid. Below is a list to help you choose the right shower tray for your enclosure.

    • Quadrant Shower Trays - Perfect for your quadrant enclosure, quadrant trays come in many sizes, and designs for you to choose from.
    • Rectangle Shower Trays – This shape is very popular and gives you lots of space to shower in.
    • Square Shower Trays – perfect for the smaller bathroom.
    • Offset Quadrant Shower Trays – Allows more room that the standard quadrant..
    • Walk-In Shower Trays - Walk-in shower trays are ideal for walk in showers. They usually have a drying area which allows excess water to drain back into the shower area. Easy for keeping clean and dry!

    Riser Kits/Shower Legs - your shower tray may require legs to lift it up off the floor and enable room for the fitting of a shower waste. You may need to consult your professional bathroom installer for advice on this.