Before delving into our extensive range of new baths, it's essential to first determine the style – be it traditional or contemporary – and the constraints of size and shapes that will seamlessly fit into your current bathroom.

    Consider your budget next, as prices vary widely, and decide on the bath material, whether it's acrylic or steel.

    In the modern era, baths transcend their traditional purpose of being a mere wash space. They have evolved into stylish centerpieces for contemporary bathrooms, offering a haven for relaxation and unwinding.

    For those who prefer showers but still desire the occasional soak, a shower bath could be a practical option. Alternatively, if your focus is on a family-friendly tub for nightly kid's baths, you might opt for a simpler design without too many bells and whistles. At Puffin Bathrooms, we offer a diverse range of timeless and durable options, ensuring your investment stands the test of time both in functionality and style.