Puffin Bathrooms an introduction...

Puffin Bathrooms was hatched out of the recent crisis as an innovative way to allow us to provide a wide range of quality products to our customers without them having to worry about coming into direct contact with us or indeed other people. We are however always just a phone call away if you want or need to discuss any items listed on our website.

Whilst we are new, a bit like the Puffin we are named after we have been around forever, or at least it feels that way. Our founder has been involved in the plumbing and bathroom trade since the 1970’s and although we remember Avocado Suites fondly Puffin Bathrooms offers a complete range of high quality modern and contemporary bathroom solutions.

We do have a showroom but would never be able to show the range of things we have here on the Puffin Bathrooms website and as we are based way down in Devon we wouldn’t expect many people to come in and see us.

So when it comes to designing your dream bathroom, we all need a little bit of help and inspiration. We have some wonderful creative bathroom ideas for you, so why not browse our website and see how you can achieve that dream bathroom.  Check out our latest bathroom ideas now.